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The New Destroyer: Killer Ratings (Destroyer #149)

: August 2008 ISBN: 0-7653-6021-2

I remember agonizing this outline to death longer than I needed to. I just couldn't crack that nut. And once you've worried about it too long, you wind up in a death spiral where all you do is worry and worry and you get nothing accomplished what with all the worrying about getting nothing accomplished. I was lying on the living room couch one afternoon, and once I was finished moaning and cursing cruel fate, I mapped out the story thus far in my head and realized the first two acts were essentially finished. What was needed was an end. I got a burst of energy that afternoon and I think I pretty much finished the outline that day or very soon thereafter. Kitty Coughlin, the ace reporter featured in the book, bares a passing resemblance to a real-life ex-network news anchor. In the book she became an ex-network news anchor before her real-life counterpart, but in the end both eventually became ex-network news anchors. Just another example of The Destroyer beating slowpoke history to the punch.

The Destroyer #148: Dead Reckoning

The Destroyer #149: Killer Ratings